STL   can   provide   all   your   business   communication   solutions   from   business   telephone   systems,   hosted   telephony,   lines,   calls   and mobiles as well as broadband data connections and IT support services. For   over   22   years   we   have   delivered   bespoke   voice   and   data   communications   to   businesses   and   organisations   of   all   sizes   across London, Oxfordshire and the UK, helping them to work more effectively. STL   can   help   you   to   find   the   right   voice,   data   and   IT   package   for   your   business   needs   and   tailor   it   to   suit   your   company   so   you   can keep your communications and business practices as efficient as possible. We   pride   ourselves   on   our   consultative   approach   backed   by   experience   and   expertise   from   a   friendly   team   that   gives   first   class customer service and excellent support across the organisation.
Our Customers:
From on-site PBX systems to hosted telephony using data lines for voice, we can guide you through the options for your business whether you have just one office or are a multi-site operation.
Data Connectivity
STL offers a range of high- speed broadband and data connectivity solutions from ADSL, FTTC and Ethernet to wireless broadband. In addition, all STL broadband and Ethernet data services are supplied voice-ready and can be used for any VoIP requirement either now or in the future.
The cloud is simply when the physical location of your IT server is held remotely in a data centre rather than your office. Users can access their files using the Internet from wherever they are. Your data is held safely, securely and accessibly and all files are updated instantly.
Business Mobiles
STL is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This means we are able to offer MultiNet mobile contracts with market leading tariffs and a number of unique added benefits that are not available through the carrier networks direct.
IT Support
STL provides onsite and cloud based IT services as well as cloud backup and security solutions. From IT support to cloud and SaaS, the STL IT team has the expertise and experience to help your business with IT, whether you need support with an existing system or are looking to move your IT to the cloud.
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Quality   assured:      STL   achieved   ISO9001   and   ISO14001   accreditation   back   in   2011   and   we   have   passed   our   annual   inspections   since   then   with flying   colours.   We   have   implemented   the   revised   ISO   standards   that   were   announced   in   September   2015   across   the   organisation   and   were successfully re-certified to the latest standards in early 2017. ISO9001   and   ISO14001   show   that   STL   uses   robust   quality   management   and   environmental   procedures   and   that   we   take   action   to   ensure   customer satisfaction,   the   quality   of   our   products   and   services   as   well   as   environmental   stewardship.   The   key   updates   in   the   revised   standards   include   an emphasis on risk-based thinking to enhance the application of the process approach and increased leadership requirements.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Our Services:
Just some of our many customers STL   provides   business   communications   from   business   telephone   systems   to   lines   and   calls,   mobiles   and   connectivity   solutions   to businesses   of   all   sizes   across   Oxfordshire,   London   and   the   UK.   Here   are   just   a   few   case   studies   of   how   we   help   our   customers   to communicate better. Read all of the latest news and reviews on our case studies page.
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